Happy 20th Birthday CAST!

It was in 1993, that the founding members of the Canadian Association for Sandplay Therapy created a new not-for–profit organisation whose statement of purpose was "to promote the practice of psychotherapy in the area of Sandplay Therapy and the knowledge and practice thereof; and to hold conferences, meetings, seminars and exhibitions for the discussion of Sandplay Therapy and the exchange of views in matters related to Sandplay therapy..."

For 20 years CAST has been fulfilling this purpose, and has grown to nearly 70 members across the country, and the CAST board is planning a big celebration of all that has been accomplished. In five cities across Canada, board-members have offered to host the event which will include: time to meet and share with your fellow members and learn about what is going on in the organisation, a special viewing of Dora Kalff's movie "Beyond the Shadow: Symbolic Images of the Self in Sandplay Therapy", our Annual General Meeting, and lots of good food and wine. We hope you will mark the date on your calendar and plan to join in this wonderful celebration.

Date: September 28th, 2013
Locations: Vancouver, Spruce Grove (Alberta), Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City

The Canadian Association for Sandplay Therapy (CAST) promotes the development of Sandplay Therapy, an experiential and creative psychotherapeutic approach for children and adults. Our internationally accredited therapists and faculty are available to offer Sandplay Therapy and training in Ontario, Quebec and BC.

In other areas of Canada, as the benefits and efficacy of sandplay become more widely known, there are growing numbers of psychotherapists working toward CAST certification. To broaden knowledge and share information about the practice of sandplay, CAST holds national conferences, meetings and seminars. CAST's training programme leads toward certification with the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) founded by Dora Kalff in 1985. Our faculty consists of Teaching Members authorized by CAST and ISST. Training has been offered in Toronto, Montréal, Kingston, London, Edmonton, Vancouver and South Korea. We also accommodate group requests for training in other locations, as well as agency-based training.

CAST promotes Sandplay Therapy in all regions of Canada, and offers complete training programmes in both French and English. Our faculty is aware of developing provincial regulations regarding the practice of psychotherapy, and continues to review CAST's training programme in relation to new or changed requirements.

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain."  - Carl Jung

Online Membership Purchases

NEW: The purchase or renewal of memberships via PayPal can now be completed online. Read more...

2015-16 Training – Vancouver, BC

Facilitated by Senior CAST Teachers: Bea Donald, Barbara Dalziel, and Catherine Ellis. Three 5-day intensive intermediate level trainings will be offered in Vancouver, BC beginning 2015. Read more...

2014-16 Training – Spruce Grove, AB

Facilitated by Senior CAST Teachers Sylvia Simonyi-Elmer, Bea Donald, and Barbara Dalziel. Five 3-day training modules will be offered in Spruce Grove, AB (10 minutes West of Edmonton) beginning 2014. Read more...

2014-15 French ONLY Training - Montreal, QC.

A French training course in two parts, held over 10 weekends, will offer complete fulfillment of 100 theoretical training hours required for certification with CAST & ISST. Part One: Begins September 26, 2014 - Ends February 13, 2015. Part Two: Begins February 27, 2015.  Read more...

Toronto Intensive Training

Sandplay Intensive Training is offered annually and provides 100 training hours over 3 sessions. Read more...