Purchase or Renew Your Membership

CAST’s Membership Policy for Training Candidates

Training interns must be members in good standing at the time of attending more than 40 hours of training (Level II onward) or while receiving any supervision, in order to earn credit for their training and supervision hours in either training stream. If you are in training or supervision and are not a current CAST member, your hours will not count towards certification or practitioner status. Contact us to find out how to apply for reinstatement if your membership has lapsed.

Yearly Membership Fees

Please click here to read an important Message for CAST Members regarding membership fees

  • Regular Membership = $150
  • Student Membership (Proof of student status must be submitted with payment) = $75
  • Retired Membership (no longer in active practice) = $35
  • Late fee: $20 if renewal is submitted after May 31, 2023 (does not apply to new members)

To Join CAST or to Renew Your Membership

  1. REQUIRED: Complete the Online Membership Form. You will receive an email confirmation after completing the form; please retain it for your records. Our administrative team will send you an official receipt.
    Once you have completed the form you will indicate which of the payment options below you are choosing. Since PayPal is the default, regardless of your choice, the system automatically takes you to the portal where you can exercise that option. However, if you are choosing another payment method, simply exit PayPal without payment.
  2. Make your payment using one of the following methods:
    1. Recommended! Payment by e-Transfer:
      You may pay for your membership online via Interac e-Transfer through your banking institution’s online banking portal. Send your e-transfer to treasurer@sandplaycanada.ca. You do not need to create a password.
    2. Secure payment through PayPal:
      The online membership registration process offers the option to use the PayPal system to pay by debit or credit credit. You can make your payment immediately after you complete the online membership form.
    3. Cheque payment by mail bank wire:
      If  you wish to send payment by mail or other means, you must complete the Online Membership Form.
      Please contact the treasurer for further instructions

Thank you for your membership in CAST. If you have any questions about this process, please contact our administrator at administrator@sandplaycanada.ca.