Two Training Streams

Become a Certified Sandplay Therapist or a Sandplay Practitioner

The CAST Sandplay Therapy training program has been designed to provide the 100 hours of theoretical training required to become a Certified Sandplay Therapist with the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST), the certifying body for Sandplay Therapy as developed and taught by Dora Kalff. CAST’s program also provides basic sandplay training for experienced therapists who wish to integrate this modality into their existing practices without completing a certification process.

In 2019 CAST expanded its training program to offer the achievement of a nationally recognized status as a CAST Sandplay Practitioner. This new training stream is open to both: experienced therapists who choose not to complete international certification at the present time; and also to a range of professionals who are employed in workplace settings where they can integrate sandplay into their existing positions.

A breakdown of CAST’s two training streams is outlined below. You can also download the chart comparing the two streams at the bottom of this page.

Pathways Open to Different Professionals

If you are a licensed or registered professional in your province, and have met the regulatory requirements that authorize you to practice psychotherapy independently, you can become:

  • an internationally Certified Sandplay Therapist; or
  • a nationally recognized Sandplay Practitioner; or
  • you can become a practitioner, and later become certified, if you choose.

If you are an unlicensed or non-registered professional not authorized to practice psychotherapy in an independent practice, and you are employed at an agency or institution, you may integrate sandplay into your current position. If you work in an area related to mental health, such as art therapy, nursing, education or theology, you fall into this category. You can become:

  • a nationally recognized Sandplay Practitioner only; and
  • should your professional status change, you can consider becoming certified at that time.

Privileges of Each Stream

CAST/ISST Certified Sandplay Therapist (CST)

  • Title: CAST/ISST Certified Sandplay Therapist
  • Full member of ISST
  • Full member of CAST, can attend AGM, and stand for the board
  • Use of title while a member of ISST and CAST in good standing
  • Can offer sandplay in private practice (liability insurance required)
  • Can provide personal sandplay process to training candidates (CAST Level 5)
  • Eligible to become a CAST/ISST Teaching Member (Levels 6,7)

CAST Sandplay Practitioner (SP)

  • Title: CAST Sandplay Practitioner – (“Provisional”, until completion of additional supervision hours, see Requirements for Completion below)
  • Full member of CAST, attend AGM, and stand for the board
  • Use of title while a member of CAST in good standing
  • Licensed or registered professionals: Provide sandplay in an employment setting or in private practice (liability insurance required for the latter)
  • Unlicensed or non- registered professionals: Provide sandplay only in an employment setting

Requirements for Completion

CAST/ISST Certified Sandplay Therapist (CST)

See detailed Certification Guidelines below

  • A completed personal process
  • 100 training hours
  • 100 supervision hours
  • 100 hours of sandplay practice
  • Two 10-15 page symbol papers
  • Case report
  • Application and acceptance: CAST Levels 1, 2-CST, 3 and 4/5
  • Continuous membership in CAST and ISST

CAST Sandplay Practitioner (SP)